Novus, Latin for “novel, new, fresh”, literally represents the newest, freshest breakthrough in fuel production technology in years. Novus Energy, LLC designs, builds and manages plants that convert organic waste (non-food, agricultural waste) to sustainable clean energy. Our plants produce clean fuels, green gas, certified organic fertilizer and clean water.

Novus Energy’s three groundbreaking technologies offer production cost advantages over virtually every other biofuel methodology, including crop-based ethanol, bio diesel and petroleum-based gasoline and diesel. These efficiencies are due, in part to:

  • Novus Energy’s processes have significantly higher conversion efficiencies than conventional technologies.
  • Nominal feedstock cost as our technologies use waste materials that have little or no value. These materials are often a nuisance requiring additional expenditures for disposal.
  • Novus Energy facilities are located at or near the waste source, eliminating transportation costs.
  • Our technologies feature closed-loop systems that convert the waste materials into fuel and other value added components without toxic emissions.

In short, Novus is the powerful alternative to other fuel production methods, renewable or fossil.

Business is heating up.

By exploiting the abundance of these underutilized feedstock sources and Novus’ proprietary, high yield conversion technologies, Novus Energy is able to create a vast source of renewable fuel, clean water and fertilizer while reducing the dependence on fossil fuel and harmful effects of discharging untreated waste materials.

With our technology in place and a clear vision of the future, the prospects for our powerful alternative technologies to meet and exceed the growing demand for energy continue to grow today, tomorrow and down the road.