EcoLOGICAL Benefits

Diminishing oil reserves, increasing demand and climate change, among other factors, are spurring a worldwide race to come up with alternative energy solutions – from green fuels to green power generation. Currently, there is no shortage of ideas or companies developing technologies to supply the world’s clean energy needs.

What makes our technology better?

Novus Energy’s NBC™ System is without equal in sustainability

Bio-Catalytic Process
  • Novus Energy’s bio-catalytic, anaerobic process nearly doubles the amount of gas produced by traditional digesters.
Organic Process
  • Through a carbon neutral, organic process, Novus Energy generates green energy, organic fertilizer and recovers clean water from agricultural waste sources. These valuable outputs can all be recycled back into the community.
  • More renewable sulfur-free energy per pound of source material is generated.

Novus Energy’s NBC™ System Advantages

  • Zero or negative carbon footprint.
  • The conversion of waste into valuable renewable products eliminates waste disposal problems and reduces the negative effect on the environment.
  • Virtually any organic, source material can be used in the NBC™ System.
  • The NBC™ System converts compounds that traditionally pollute waterways into valuable nutrients.
  • NBC™ biogas is a direct replacement for natural gas and is compatible with natural gas furnaces.
  • Existing NBC™ systems have produced higher value fuels (higher btu content) than conventional digesters. The fuel contains propane and other longer chain hydrocarbons in addition to methane.
  • NBC™ biogas can be converted to liquid transportation fuel, if desired.
  • Uniquely, the NBC™ system recovers nearly all of the water locked up in the waste sources.
  • Clean water is created as a result of the higher rates of extraction of energy and fertilizer from the waste.
Organic Fertilizer
  • Valuable organic fertilizer is created from the waste.
  • The fertilizer retains all of the micro-nutrients originally present in the organic feedstock(s).
Unique System Design
  • The NBC™ process’ engineering design allows for flexibility in plant size, based on needs.
  • Each facility can be scaled appropriately using standard components for a streamlined fabrication and construction process.