Project Highlights

Demonstration Plant

The Novus Energy demonstration plant is a mobile, trailer mounted, waste-to-energy conversion system which represents a one of a kind advancement in biogas plants. Fully integrated with its own automated control system, it is a completely functional plant capable of converting high-solid organic materials to methane-rich biogas, organic fertilizer and clean water.

The mobile demonstration plant is a scale replica of a Novus NBC™ full-scale plant with all the component unit processes and control systems necessary for full production.  This provides for a real time “test drive” of the Novus NBC™ system at the customer’s site to demonstrate the value of a full scale NBC™ plant.  This is a first for the biogas industry in that Novus is the only company with a functioning mobile plant.

Housed in a 50 foot heated and ventilated semi-trailer, the demonstration plant can be shipped to locations as a fully functional plant allowing for a true “plug & play” operation. It requires only four external on-site connections: power supply, make-up water, fertilizer discharge and water discharge. It is equipped with an automated control system with remote monitoring and control.

The demonstration plant has been used to demonstrate our technology and fine-tune the design configuration for our full scale plants. It has been operating continuously for over 3 years since it’s start up in 2010 and has been deployed to multiple customer sites in Minnesota, Oregon, Arkansas and California.  The mobile plant is transported fully assembled with active biology and begins operation in about 4 hours after arrival.  The start up time includes unpacking and connection to power, water and sewer.

Novus Energy Demonstration Plant
View of Novus Energy demonstration plant from rear of trailer


Novus Energy demonstration plant control panel


Novus Energy demonstration plant methanogenesis reactors


Side view rendering of Novus Energy demonstration plant