Novus Pacific, LLC at Port of Morrow

Novus Pacific, LLC is developing a renewable energy plant at the Port of Morrow in Boardman, Oregon to convert agricultural biomass to green biogas, organic fertilizer and clean water for sale as valuable commodities. Successful completion of this project will produce Mid-Columbia economic growth through the creation of jobs, more competitive organic farming economics and new markets for agricultural biomass.

At this location, Novus Pacific has a sustainable, long-term feedstock supply, a mix of strong local customers for all its biogas, organic fertilizer and clean water outputs and an established industrial and agricultural infrastructure within which to successfully operate.

The facility at Port of Morrow will convert approximately 442,000 tons per year of local area agricultural residues, by-products and waste to create 670,000 mmBTU’s of green biogas, 2.4 million gallons of concentrated liquid organic fertilizer and 86 million gallons of clean water per year thereby producing approximately $7+ million per year in revenue. The residues and waste that make up the feedstock are onion and potato processing plant waste, Port of Morrow waste water, dairy manure, seasonal processing plant byproducts and low value straw products, all from local growers and processors.