Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Novus Energy, LLC?
A. Novus Energy is an innovative alternative energy company with patented processes and a dedicated team of professionals, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Q. How are our processes different?
A. Novus Energy’s processes leverage the biological pathways to maximize conversion efficiencies. Thorough knowledge of anaerobic digestion, biochemistry and design enables Novus Energy to circumvent the obstacles faced by traditional technologies.

Q. What sorts of organic waste are suitable for the NBC™ and RGL® processes?
A. All crops and organic waste, including sugar beet tailings and corn stalks, animal manure, leaves, grass clippings and landfill gas – essentially, any organic waste free from antibiotics and other toxins.

Q. Can energy crops such as corn stover and switchgrass – the biomass materials named as feedstock for the new “cellulosic ethanol” industry – eventually take the place of corn as the ethanol feedstock of choice?
A. Yes. Much of the buzz of almost all the investment in the biofuels industry is focused on cellulosic methods because corn ethanol has become more expensive to produce due to the current high demand and price for corn. Besides improving the “food vs. fuel” problem, cellulosic biomass is a better feedstock than corn because cellulosic crops don’t require as much fossil energy to process as does corn.

Q. How does ethanol from the Novus Energy RGL® process compare with the ethanol made from corn?
A. Chemically, it is identical to ethanol made from corn. The Novus RGL® process uses organic waste or cellulosic biomass as its feedstock rather than corn, so it is much less expensive to produce. Corn ethanol is made from the fermentation of corn sugars by yeast – the same way that whiskey is made. In the Novus Energy RGL® process, the hydrocarbons in organic waste are biologically converted into a gas (biogas) and the gas is catalytically converted into ethanol.

Q. How is the organic fertilizer from the NBC™ system different from chemical fertilizers?
A. The fertilizer from the NBC™ system is a more complete fertilizer with a significant “humus” content. In addition to adding the necessary N, P & K nutrients, the fertilizer also provides essential micro-nutrients and organic matter. These items are essential to replenishing soil vitality and are typically absent in commercial fertilizers.