NBC™ System

(Novus Bio-Catalytic Conversion)

The Novus Bio-Catalytic Conversion (NBC™) System is an integrated, bio-catalytic process that converts organic feedstocks to a spectrum of high value products in one streamline, turn-key operation. The proprietary NBC™ process converts waste into valuable “green” products and recovers clean water while eliminating pollution caused by the burning/dumping of agricultural and organic waste. The NBC™ system efficiently converts biomass into (1) methane-rich biogas, (2) organic fertilizer and (3) clean water.

Novus Energy is the exclusive provider of the NBC™ gas production services.

Solid feedstocks, such as potato peels, straw, corn stover and sugar beet pulp, and forest products, while abundant and inexpensive, are difficult to digest through standard anaerobic digestion. Many months are typically required to thoroughly digest these substrates. The NBC™ process digests these materials more completely and in much less time than traditional methods.

The digesting power of the NBC™ System is derived from its patented biological process and unique engineering design. The NBC™ process accelerates the digestion of complex organic molecules by employing a unique consortium of anaerobic bacteria that overcome hurdles faced in conventional digestion. This ground breaking process enables a plant to realize significantly higher conversions in smaller volumes.

The NBC™ process separates digestion products into clean biogas (hydrocarbons) and organic fertilizer (non hydrocarbons and micro nutrients). The high energy content biogas can be used as a fuel on site in lieu of fossil fuels or be further processed into renewable liquid fuels. The biogas is free from contaminants and does not require extensive cleaning. The remaining digestate is rich in mineral content and is separated into a liquid fertilizer and clean water.

NBC Process
Novus Energy’s patented NBC™ System


The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Proposal for a potential customer

The low emissions, energy efficiency, feedstock adaptability and the fossil fuel displacing by-products of the NBC™ process make it the greenest, most flexible and most efficient of current conversion technologies.