(Renewable Gas-to-Liquid)

The Novus Energy RGL® system is a “dual reforming” reactor that converts carbon dioxide, in addition to methane and water, to create syngas. The novel reactor design employs an efficient and unique dual gas reforming process that uses micro-channels laced with catalysts to convert the water, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide into syngas at a high temperature. Using dual reforming, all of the carbon in the biogas is available for syngas production – not just the methane – increasing syngas yields while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Syngas from the dual reforming unit flows under specific temperatures and pressures through catalytic alcohol reactors. After exiting the reactors, gaseous alcohols are removed by condensation, while unreacted syngas is recycled for added conversion efficiency.

RGL TechnologyNovus Energy RGL® System – Pilot Plant in Laramie, WY

The benefits of Novus Energy’s RGL® technology include production of renewable energy, direct removal of greenhouse gases and elimination of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from use of fossil fuels.