Board of Advisors

Novus Energy is proud to be aligned with a distinguished panel of scientists, agribusiness professionals and business and financial experts who are particularly skilled and experienced in enhancing and protecting intellectual property and furthering the success of several companies.

Hugh McTavish, Ph.D., J.D.

Hugh McTavish is a patent attorney, Ph.D biochemist and founder and President of an emerging biotechnology company developing a new family of chemotherapy medicines. Dr. McTavish has five years of post-Ph.D. experience as a scientific researcher. He is the lead author of nine referenced scientific publications, the sole inventor of two issued patents and the sole inventor of two pending patent applications. Dr. McTavish is also an accomplished patent attorney, initially at one of the country’s leading intellectual property law firms, Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner & Kluth in Minneapolis, MN and today, with his own patent law firm, the McTavish Patent firm. Prior to receiving his PhD in Biochemistry, Dr. McTavish was on the staff of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado researching photosynthesis. His research background also includes solar hydrogen production and hydrogen production by enzyme engineering. He has patents and published scientific publications in green plant photosynthesis, solar energy, hydrogen production and enzymatic hydrogen production. Dr. McTavish has been instrumental in writing and developing Novus Energy’s patents and five pending patents.

Del Hogan

Del Hogan is a graduate of the College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota. His ongoing studies and research include microbial biology, biochemistry and organic chemistry. He is currently the President of Instrumental Research, Inc., a certified commercial chemistry laboratory. Mr. Hogan is also the founder of Clear Water Technologies, Inc., using the Hogan process that he has developed and expanded into a number of areas for wastewater treatment. Mr. Hogan is currently applying the information gleaned from over 20 years of microbiological process development to Novus’ production of green fuels.

Thomas Barry

Tom Barry is a partner in the law firm of Hoff, Barry & Kozar P.A. (Eden Prairie, MN) and serves as Novus Energy’s corporate counsel. Mr. Barry recently served as general counsel for Shuffle Master, Inc., a publicly traded company ranked as one of the top ten growth firms in the U.S. by BusinessWeek. He advises Novus Energy on in-licensing, out-licensing and general growth strategies.